Why do you need to learn this Module?

Youth who migrate need to know how to adapt to living in a new environment and being with new people. It is important to know what issues might come up when you are sharing accomodation or if you are in a romantic relationship with a boy or girl, and how to build good relationships. Unfortunately, domestic violence, sexual abuse or rape are situations sometimes faced by migrants, so it is important to know ways to deal with these, and how to try to prevent them happening.

What will you learn in this Module?

  • Lesson 1: Living with New People: sharing rental homes, how to get along with roommates, sort out disagreements, and manage your difficult feelings; the importance of being a good listener for building good relationships
  • Lesson 2: Knowing Who to Trust: how to be careful when trusting someone
  • Lesson 3: Boyfriend and Girlfriend Relationships: relationships with boys and girls, love and marriage, how to have safe sex, birth control, teenage pregnancy
  • Lesson 4: Violence, Sexual Abuse and Rape Awareness: domestic violence; types of sexual abuse; rape, how victims should be treated, services; ways to keep yourself safe from abuse and violence

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