Why do you need to learn this Module?

If you decide to migrate it is important to keep yourself healthy and strong so you can work. Some migrants might choose to eat very little food or unhealthy foods because they are cheaper, but this will cost you more money in the long run because you won’t be able to work. Migrants who eat plenty of the right types of food and who have a balanced diet are strong, seldom ill, and recover quickly from most illnesses.

What will you learn in this Module?

  • Lesson 1: Eating Nutritious Food: What you need to eat to stay healthy
  • Lesson 2: Finding and Buying Healthy Food: how to make sure food you buy is good, healthy, hygienic
  • Lesson 3: Examples of Healthy Meals: recipes, importance of a balanced diet

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Graphic of the food pyramid - grouping food for protection against illness,  food for growth, and food for energy.