Migration is a huge decision that will change your life. Some young migrants make good money, find decent jobs and enjoy living in a new place. Unfortunately others don’t make good money and are even cheated, robbed, arrested or abused.

  • Do you know all of the risks?
  • Do you know how to keep yourself safe, if you do decide to go?
  • Do you have the information you need to make your migration a success?

Click on the modules to learn more!

Module 1Moving to a New Place
trafficking, documents, safety tips, cheating, preparations, communicating with home
Module 2Recruitment Practices
legal recruitment companies 
Module 3Pay, Contracts and Safety at Work
wages, contracts, labor laws, work safety
Module 4Moving to Phnom Penh
finding accommodation, traffic safety, maps, landmarks
Module 5Earning and Saving Money
spending, saving, budgeting, remittances, bank accounts
Module 6Building a Safety Network
helpful people, authorities, NGO services 
Module 7Relationships
roommates, trust, relationships, love, marriage, safe sex, birth control, violence, rape
Module 8Staying Healthy
hygiene, diarrhea, diseases, STIs, HIV, AIDS, health services
Module 9Eating Right
healthy food, food hygiene, recipes 
Module 10Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol
drugs, alcohol, addiction, help services