Welcome to the AIMS Resources page! Below you will find a list of additional websites, resources and documents to help you during your migration process.


Important Phone Numbers – This list includes important hotlines and phone numbers in Cambodia to keep you safe

Referral Directory for Community Services – A book that has contact information for services in Cambodia including health services, social services, legal assistance, and job training


Module 1: Moving to a New Place
Regional Embassy Information – A list of contact information for the Cambodia Embassy in different countries

How to Call Abroad – Instructions on how to make an overseas phone call

How to Create an E-mail Account – Watch a video on how to create an e-mail account in Gmail

How to Create a Facebook Account – Watch a video on how to create a Facebook account

Module 2: Recruitment Companies
List of Scam Companies – The International Organization of Migration’s list of recruitment companies to avoid

Job Search Resources – A list of job search websites in Cambodia

Module 3: Pay Contracts and Safety at Work
Minimum Wage Information – A list of organizations that can offer help with minimum wage information

Module 4: Moving to Phnom Penh
Map of Phnom Penh

Transportation in Phnom Penh

Module 5: Earning and Saving Money – Use these templates to help you track your money.
Budgeting Template

Expenses Tracking Template

Income Tracking Template

Module 6: Building a Safety Network
Migrant Resource Centers – A list of Migrant Resource Centers in Cambodia

Module 8: Staying Healthy
HIV and AIDS Brochure – RHAC’s information brochure on HIV and AIDS

Health Services– A book that includes contact information for health services, clinics, hospitals and NGOs in Cambodia

Marie Stopes Hotline – Marie Stopes International’s pregnancy options and advice hotline

Module 9: Eating Right
Healthy Recipes – A list of four healthy recipes you can try to make!

Module 10: Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol
Services for Drug and Alcohol Addiction – A list of services in Phnom Penh for drug and alcohol addiction